Q: Can we gate the community to keep out the Three Rivers traffic?

  • To install a gate at both the front and rear entrance will certainly stop cut through traffic.  To make this happen, two actions are required.  Number 1, the residents must vote; the requirement is for 75% of all residents to vote yes.  With 225 homes, a yes vote is necessary from 169.  Number 2, a special assessment would be necessary to pay for the gates and any of the improvements the Parish would require us to purchase. Also keep in mind, the association/residents will now be responsible for all drainage maintenance, street repairs, storm clean-up and other services provided by the Parish.

Q: Can we put in speed bumps to slow down the traffic?

  • No, the Parish will not approve speed bumps due to liability concerns.

Q: How can I get access to the security camera recordings?

  • Images taken by the security cameras are only available to the St. Tammany Sheriff Office.  A resident must contact STSO and file a report.  If STSO believes the images may help in their investigation they request access to the data.

Q: How do we stop the speeders and stop sign runners?

  • Periodically the directors will authorize a police detail, at our expense, to catch speeders and stop sign runners.  When this happens, interestingly enough, many Versailles and Versailles Estate residents are also stopped!  Best solution. DRIVE THE SPEED LIMIT AND COME TO A COMPLETE STOP AT EVERY STOP SIGN.

Q: What do I do when I see a speeder or stop sign runner?

  • Call St. Tammany Sheriff Office and report the problem.  If at all possible get the license tag number.  Facebook is great for conversations but it does not talk to the police.